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Already in our first season

In our first season, in 2014 our team became the only Hungarian team who has ever won on an international Formula Student competition, which remained unchanged ever since. We've been through six successful seasons, and in 2019, we participated in three of the most prestigious races in the world. Our first race was the Formula Student East, organized in Zalaegerszeg. The second competition, in which our team took part in, was the Formula Student Germany, the world's most prestigious Formula Student event. Finally, our last race was the Formula Student Czech Republic, where we achieved an outstanding overall 8th place, as well as the 1st place in fuel-efficiency.


Formula Student

is a student engineering competition, where student teams from around the world design, build, test, and race their racing cars. The task of the teams is to design and produce a racing car, then race with it. To reach their goals, they need to organise their working processes the same way as if they were employees in a real company.


Our team

basically has two main departments. On the one hand we need a department which is responsible for designing, manufacturing, building, testing and preparing the car for the races but on the other hand it is necessary to have a management department, which deals with money, sponsors, advertisements and does all the background work.

Why is it good to be a team member in Arrabona Racing Team?

"The Formula Student creates a very special enviroment for the participants. In the fierce struggle, under the big pressure and responsibility a team can only succeed, if the team members tightly work together for their common goal. This is the strength of Arrabona Racing Team – it teaches you to work in community, where the enthusiastic members work and live  together for their passion. This encourages everyone, to find their own passion, something they want to bring to perfection and add this as a value to the team – this includes graphic designs, statics simulation or bringing the team members together. For my professional development it was the most difficult, altough the most effective 2 years of my life. Besides the lot of memories, I get hold of many useful skills, which helped in my carrier. I can only recommend to every student, to be a part of a community, like ART."

János Kun, former ART team captain

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"First of all, I would like to talk about the professional side of being a member of ART: there is no better way for a univeristy student for professional development than Formula Student. In Arrabona Racing Team in their first months the students can already creat, participate in developments, get to know a concrete project, experience every part of it from designing through manufacturing, to testing the car and compete with other teams.  Who joins the team with a motivation to become an engineer, they get the approach and the thinking which are necessary in this field, moreover both univeristy and industrial persons help them during their years in the team. But the team requires members from other fields also, because like in a company  to make this complex organization work, we also need people who have the competences to keep the team together. Joining a student team can give a great foundation to the team members future, it can help fill the space between the labour market and education, also it can give a huge benefit after finishing their studies. Also ART is a fantastic community. In the summer they attend races in different countries, which is an unforgettable and a lifelong experience.  To sum it up, it is a unique potential to develope, which nobody should miss, who is ready to experience this while they are studying."

Gábriel Gudra, former ART team captain

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"I have never been a member in ART, but watching them as an outsider, my imperssion is that they are a very good community. First of all, I think this is the reason why anyone should join them – even if everyone is talking about the professional development and building realitionships with companies and also the employers appreciate the ART membership in their resume. This is all true and important, but I would highlight that ART is a great, convergent team. For the petrolheads, or anyone who would like to experience something similar to Formula 1, I highly recommend this team."

Márton Horváth,

former editor in chief in TÜKÖR magazine 

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